Our Soft Skill training program covers a wide range of areas that is beneficial for the participants’ personal growth and development. The training modules are designed in a manner that helps individuals face up to constant challenges, seen in everyday corporate life.

From basic communication skills to strategy and change management, Venues & Avenues offers soft skill training crafted to address your business requirement.

Venues & Avenues have created soft skill training modules for personnel at all levels in the organization. Be it an entry level management trainee; towards whom we focus on basic skill set development through checklist, case studies, illustrations, etc.
Or training personnel higher up the ladder; where an advanced program of business studies,
market trends, role plays, game based learning and so on, find their way into the course structure.

At Venues & Avenues, we provide exceptional education from highly trained professionals with world class infrastructure.

Pre Training
• Create training processes
• Carry out pre-training interviews & analysis with key business participants
• Understand the client’s needs and customize the training program accordingly

Examine, Evaluate, Re-Train
• The quality of training processes is maintained through constant examination & monitoring
• Benchmarks are identified on analyzing the client’s needs and expectations
• Developing monitoring tools for recruitment and training
• Scheduling Re-Training sessions after evaluating the quality achieved as per the benchmarks identified

Venues & Avenues possess a Customer- Centric Approach whereby we make certain that our customers are pleased every step of the way.

Training Approach
Through Pre training discussions, interviews and analysis, we are able to familiarize ourselves with the needs and expectations of our clients. On understanding the key developmental areas, we customize our training program, to focus on aspects that lead to the progress and improvement of our participants. The course content is constantly being updated to keep pace with the current market scenario.
Our highly experienced trainers share their personal testimonies which serve as a great encouragement during these sessions.

Training Methodology
Audience participation, value contribution, knowledge sharing is the approach we adopt during our training sessions. Our highly skilled trainers nurture an environment conducive for active participation from the attendees. It has been found that audience involvement fosters performance improvement. By encouraging the participants to express themselves, the learning process is not only enjoyable but tremendously effective.

Benefits of Training
* Personal insights
* Acknowledging areas of improvement
* Focusing on areas of improvement
* Awareness of presentation styles
* Verbal and non verbal communication
* Confidence Building
* Thinking Positive
* Situation assessment & action implementation

Commitment Guaranteed
The benefits are many & the learning process is enjoyable, when the Training is effective.
With our team of experts, we at Venues & Avenues are committed to deliver Quality Training and Personal Guidance, inspiring participants to reach their potential and excel in their personal & professional life.

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